Trees TX

Trees TX

In the Time Before the Game

I’ve been playing D&D 3.5 for a bit now and I really enjoy it, but I think I want to play in the modern setting.

AH! Look, d20 Modern!

Lucky me.

I’ve been brain storming quite a bit lately and I must say I’m very happy that I have around ten years worth of ideas and notes and drawings sitting around for me to use.

Back in the day, Thursday?, I was very much a fan of the Buffy movie and series as well as anime and manga. I started drawing my own little comics and began inventing my own little world for all my stories to play out in.

Well, inventing isn’t really true. I just looked out my window and asked “What if?”

What if magic was real, what if people carried around swords, what if life were awesome?

I wrote stories and adventures that I would place myself into.

Then, one day, I find out I can set these stories to rules and let other people in on the fun.

Thats where I’m at now. I’ve got a few good characters, locals and encounters cooked up, now I just need to concrete my story and figure out how to not be so freaking specific.

A few weeks ago I sat down to draft out the story for the game and ended up just writing a book. But, this is a game. I suppose I could read it to my friends and tell them to do spot checks now and again, but thats no fun.

This first step is tough. I’ve got the key (NPC) players, their place in the world and the end game. Now, for the beginning…



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